Kiss - Kiss 1974 Deutsche Pressung / German Pressing


1. Strutter

2. Nothin to lose

3. Firehouse

4. Cold gin

5. Let me know

6. Kissin`time

7. Deuce

8. Love theme from kiss

9. 100.000 years

10. Black diamond


Das Debüt Album der einmaligen KISS. Der Grundstein einer unglaublichen Karriere einer unglaublichen Band. Kiss in ihrer rohesten Form. Der rauhe Sound kommt auf Vinyl noch besser raus!


The debut album of the unique KISS. The headstone of a incredible career. Kiss in their rawest sound.

On the vinyl version is the sound much rawer than at CD.


KISS - Alive! 1975 US pressing gatefold


1.1 Deuce

1.2 Strutter

1.3 Got to choose

1.4 Hotter than hell

1.5 Firehouse

1.6 Nothin´to lose

1.7 C´mon and love me

1.8 Parasite

1.9 She


2.1 Watchin´you

2.2 100.000 years

2.3 Black diamond

2.4 Rock bottom

2.5 Cold  gin

2.6 Rock and roll all nite

2.7 Let me go rock´n roll


Das erste der legendären "Alive" Live Alben von KISS. Eine tolle Gatefold Aufmachung und eine tolle Produktion. Der rauhe Sound des ersten Live Albums gibt die Intensität der Live Auftritte sehr gut wider!


The first of the legendary "Alive" albums of KISS. A great gatefold cover and a great production. The intense and rawness of the KISS gigs is mirrored at this album.



Kiss - Rock and roll over 1976 german pressing


1. I want you

2. Take me

3. Calling Dr. love

4. Ladies room

5. Baby driver

6. Love ´em leave ´em

7. Mr. Speed

8. See you in my dreams

9. Hard luck woman

10. Makin´ love


Das fünfte Studioalbum der Band. "Calling Dr. Love" und  "Hard luck woman" erreichten als Singleauskopplungen die Top 40 der Charts.


The 5th studioalbum of KISS. "Calling Dr. Love" and "Hard luck woman" reach as single releases to the top 40 charts!


Die 2012er Neupressung des Kiss Klassikers von 1976: Destroyer

Kiss - Destroyer - Resurrected


1. Detroit Rock City
2. King Of The Night Time World
3. God Of Thunder
4. Flaming Youth
5. Sweet Pain
6. Shout It Out Loud
7. Beth
8. Do You Love Me
9.Untitled Track
Holland - Pressung. Die LP kommt in neuen Cover. Beilage ist das Original Cover von 1976 und Liner Notes vom Produzenten. Dazu Fotos von Kiss. Das ganze in einem 4 -seitigen schönen Booklet.
The new pressing from 2012 from the Kiss classic album "Destroyer" from 1976.
My copy is a pressing from the netherlands. A new LP cover was made for. In a nice 4 - sided booklet are the original cover from 1976, liner notes from the producer and pictures of KISS.

Kiss - Love Gun 1977


1. I stole your love

2. Christine sixteen

3. Got love for sale

4. Shock me

5. Tomorrow and tonight

6. Love gun

7. Hooligan

8. Almost human

9. Plaster caster

10. Then she kissed me


Brasilien Pressung. Handsigniert von Gitarrist Ace Frehley.


Brasil pressing. Signed by guitarist Ace Frehley.



Kiss - Alive II 1977

2 - LP


LP 1:

1. Detroit rock city

2. King of the nighttime world

3. Ladies room

4. Makin´ love

5. Love Gun

6. Calling Dr. Love

7. Christine Sixteen

8. Shock me

9. Hard Luck woman

                                                       10. Tomorrow and tonight

                                                       LP 2:

                                                       1. I stole your love

                                                       2. Beth

                                                       3. God of thunder

                                                       4. I want you

                                                       5. Shout it out loud

                                                       6. All american man

                                                       7. Rockin´ in the USA

                                                       8. Larger than life

                                                       9. Rocket ride

                                                      10. Any way you want it


Deutsche Pressung. Titel 6-10 der 2. LP sind Studio Versionen.


German pressing. Tracks 6-10 of LP 2 are studio versions.






KISS - Alive II















KISS - Double Platinum 1978 - Best of



LP 1:

1. Strutter `78

2. Do you love me

3. Hard luck woman

4. Calling Dr. Love

5. Let me go rock´n roll

6. Love gun

7. God of thunder

8. Firehouse

9. Hotter than hell

10. I want you

LP 2:

1. Rock bottom

2. Deuce

3. 100.000 years

4. Detroit rock city

5. She

6. Rock´n roll all nite

7. Beth

8. Makin´ love

9. C´mon and love me

10. Cold gin

11. Black Diamond


Deutsche Pressung. Gatefold Cover in einem Mylar Cover. Die Innenseite mit Prägedruck der Bandmitglieder.


German pressing. Gatefold cover in a mylar cover. Embossing inside of the band members.


Kiss - Gene Simmons Solo 1978

1. Radioactive

2. Burning up with fever

3. See you tonite

4. Tunnel of love

5. True confessions

6. Living in sin

7. Always near you/Nowhere to hide

8. Man of 1000 faces

9. Mr. Make believe

10. See you in my dreams

11. When you wish upon a star


Deutsche Pressung

German pressing


Kiss - Paul Stanley Solo 1978 Picture Disc

1. Tonight you belong to me

2. Move on

3. Ain´t quite right

4. Would´nt you like to now me

5. Take me away (together as one)

6. It´s all right

7. Hold me, touch me

8. Love in chains

9. Goodbye


Japan Pressung. Die B-Seite hat ein spezielles Japan Artwork. 


Japan pressing. The side B have a special Japan artwork



Kiss - Ace Frehley Solo 1978

1. Rip it out

2. Speedin´ back to my baby

3. Snow blind

4. Ozone

5. Whats on your mind?

6. New york groove

7. I´m in need of love

8. Wipe out

9. Fractured mirror


Deutsche Pressung

German pressing