Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day Box 2012 EU Pressung/European pressing


LP 1:

1. Good times, bad times

2. Ramble on

3. Black dog

4. In my time of dying

5. For your life

LP 2:

1. Trampled under foot

2. Nobody´s fault but mine

3. No quarter

4. Since i´ve been loving you

5. Dazed & confused

                                                                                        LP 3:

                                                                                        1. Stairway to heaven

                                                                                        2. The song remains the same

                                                                                        3. Misty mountain hop

                                                                                        4. Kashmir

                                                                                        5. Whole lotta love

                                                                                        6. Rock and roll

Ein Live Mitschnitt der Extraklasse aus dem Jahr 2007. Das Konzert war ein Tribut an einen guten Freund und Atlantic Gründer Ahmet Ertegun. Mit dabei war Jason Bonham an den Drums, Sohn des verstorbenen Drummers John Bonham.

A very special live album from 2007. The concert was a tribute to a good friend of the band: Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun. On the drums was Jason Bonham, son of the deceased drummer John Bonham.


Frehleys Comet - Frehleys Comet 1987 US Pressung /US pressing


1. Rock soldiers

2. Breakout

3. Into the night

4. Something moved

5. We got your rock

6. Love me right

7. Calling to you

8. Dolls

9. Stranger in a strange land

                                                                                      10. Fractured too (Instr.)

Frehleys Comet wurde 1984 von Ace Frehley nach seinem Rauswurf bei KISS gegründet. Frehleys Comet ist das erste von drei Alben.

Frehleys Comet was founded 1984 by Ace Frehley, after his split from KISS. Frehleys Comet is the first of three albums.


Bonfire - Point Blank 1989 Holland Pressung/ Netherlands pressing



1. Bang down the door

2. Waste no time

3. Hard on me

4. Why is it never enough

5. Tonys roulette

6. Minestrone

7. You´re back

8. Look of love

9. Freedom is my belief

10. Gimme some

11. Never surrender

12. (21st century) youth patrol

13. Jungle call

14. Know right now

15. Who´s foolin who


Das dritte Studioalbum der ingolstädter Band. Moderner Hardrock der auf einem sehr hohen Niveau dargeboten wird.


The 3rd studioalbum of the band from Ingolstadt/Bavaria. Modern hardrock on a high level!


Deep Purple - Stormbringer 1974 EEC Pressung/ EEC pressing


1. Stormbringer

2. Love don´t mean a thing

3. Holy man

4. Hold on

5. Lady double dealer

6. You can´t do it right (with the one you love)

7. High ball shooter

8. The gypsy

9. Soldier of fortune



Das neunte Studioalbum von Deep Purple. Aufgenommen in den Musicland Studios in München.


The 9th studioalbum of Deep Purple. Recorded at the Musicland studios in Munich.


Dio - The last in line 1984 Holland Pressung / Holland pressing


1. We rock

2. The last in line

3. Breathless

4. I speed at night

5. One night in the city

6. Evil eyes

7. Mystery

8. Eat your heart out

9. Egypt (the chains are on)



Das zweite Studio Album von Dio, veröffentlicht am 13. Juli 1984.


The Last in Line is the second studio album by Dio, released on July 13, 1984.



Kings of Speed - Metal 1990 deutsche Pressung/ german pressing


1. Annihilator - Road to ruin

2. Xentrix - False ideals

3. Sacred Reich - Who`s to blame

4. The great kat - Beethoven Mosh

5. Sepultura - Slaves of pain

6. Ratos de Porao - Drink ´til you die

7. Exhorder - Death in vain

8. Realm - Cain rose  up

9. Cerebral Fix - Tower of spite

10. Atrophy - Violent by nature

11. Sadus - Black

12. Rest in pieces - Cries of the ghetto

13. Obituary - Infected


Ein Sampler des legendären Roadrunner Records Labels.


A compilation from the legendary Roadrunner Record Label.




Metallica - Master of puppets 1986


1. Battery

2. Master of puppets

3. The thing that should not be

4. Welcome home (Sanitarium)

5. Disposable heroes

6. Leper messiah

7. Orion

8. Damage Inc.


Das dritte Studioalbum. Es war das letzte mit Basser Cliff Burton. Er starb im sleben Jahr bei einem Tourbusunglück. R.I.P. Cliff!


The 3rd studioalbum. It was the last with bassman Cliff Burton. He died in the same year at

                                                                                         a tourbus crash. R.I.P Cliff!


Motörhead - Bastards 2007 deutsche Pressung/german pressing

Limited Picture Disc No. 0578/1000


1. On your feet or on your knees

2. Burner

3. Death or glory

4. I am the sword

5. Born to raise hell

6. Don´ t let daddy kiss me

7. Bad woman

8. Liar

9. Lost in the ozone

10. I´m your man

                                                             11. We bring the shake

                                                             12. Devil

1993 erschien das Album bei dem deutschen Label ZYX. Premiere hatte der neue Schlagzeuger Mikkey Dee beim Songwriting.

1993 released by the german label ZYX. The album was the frist whereby drummer Mikkey Dee was involved with the songwriting.


Thin Lizzy - Nightlife 1974 England Pressung / UK pressing


1. She knows

2. Night life

3. It´s only money

4. Still in love with you

5. Frankie Carroll

6. Showdown

7. Banshee

8. Philomena

9. Sha-la-la

10. Dear heart

Ein großartiges Album mit der genialen Ballade "I´m still in love with you"!

 A great album, including the awesome ballad "I´m still in love with you!


Warrant - Cherry Pie 1990 Holland Pressung / Holland Pressing


1. Cherry Pie 

2. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
3. I Saw Red
4. Bed Of Roses
5. Sure Feels Good To Me
6. Love In Stereo
7. Blind Faith
8. Song And Dance Man

9. You’re The Only Hell Your Mama Ever Raised
                                                                                     10. Mr. Rainmaker
                                                                                     11. Train Train 


Ein erstklassiges Glam Rock Album! Es macht einfach Spaß es zu hören. Anspieltipps: Uncle Tom`s cabin, Cherry Pie und auch I saw red.


A superb glam rock album! It`s fun to listen to! Highlights: Uncle Tom`s cabin, Cherry Pie and also I saw red.


White Lion - Mane attraction 1991 Deutschland Pressung / German pressing


1. Lights and thunder

2. Broken heart

3. Leave me alone

4. Love don´t come easy

5. You´re all in need

6. Warsong

7. It´s over

8. Till death do us part

9. Out with the boys

10. Farewell to you



Das letzte Studio Album von White Lion. Melodischer Hardrock in einem eigenen Stil.


The last studio album of White Lion. Melodic hardrock in a unique style.


Whitesnake - Northwinds 1988 England Pressung/ UK pressing


1. Keep on giving me love

2. Northwinds

3. Give me kindness

4. Time and again

5. Queen of hearts

6. Only my soul

7. Say you love me

8. Breakdown


Ein Frühwerk von Whitesnake, das damals noch mit David Coverdales Whitesnake betitelt war.


A early work of Whitesnake, then called David Coverdales Whitesnake.


Whitesnake - Come an´ get it 1981 Holland Pressung/

Holland pressing


1. Come an´ get it

2. Hot stuff

3. Don´ t break my heart again

4. Lonely days, lonely nights

5. Wine, woman an´ song

6. Child of babylon

7. Would i lie to you

8. Girl

9. Hit an´ run

10. Till the day i die

Das vierte Album von Whitesnake. Veröffentlicht am

11. April 1981.

The 4th studio album from Whitesnake. Released April 11th in 1981.